There are now a bunch of resources out there that are maintained by folks with more resources, so I'm no longer updating this site. I have no plans to take down the page at this time.

Hey, Portland,

So much is happening so fast that I've had a hard time keeping track. So, I started keeping notes. I figured other folks might find this information handy. I'm only posting links that I know are okay to share publicly (things I'm not posting include private Facebook groups, internal meeting minutes, resource lists without a 'last updated' date).

I'm linking info back to original sources, so click through if you need more details.

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Last updated Friday, March 27

Major news

Currently in Oregon, residents are ordered to stay at home with limited exceptions.

Allowed (must keep 6 feet from others):

Not Allowed:

Schools are closed. College campuses may not hold in-person classes. All non-emergency medical procedures are postponed. Amazon is prioritizing deliveries of medical supplies and household staples and delaying all other deliveries.

Provided we can continue improving our social distancing, new models suggest that Oregon is on track to a manageable number of COVID-19 cases. This is good news. Just to be clear, though, keep social distancing! The full model is here:

Congress has passed a $2 trillion stimulus package, which will provide some financial relief once it passes through the executive branch and is enacted.



All times are Pacific Standard, unless otherwise noted

Friday, March 27

Tuesday, March 31

Thursday, April 2


I’ve pulled the availability information on different organizations into this spreadsheet, broken down into key groups, including:


The Portland Mercury is maintaining a more thorough list of which restaurants are open for takeout and delivery, which you can view here

PDX Trans Housing Coalition put together a list of updated hours and services from local houselessness resources, which you can view here

In general, everyone who can work from home, is working from home, including at government agencies. Check before heading anywhere in person!

Additional guidance

Community needs

I’ve pulled community needs into this spreadsheet, broken down into key needs:


Community help

Call 211 for information on COVID-19 in Oregon.

I’ve pulled specific community offers into this spreadsheet, broken down into key needs:


Government and institutional changes

Most utility providers will not turn off service for non-payment until further notice. The following utility providers have made announcements regarding continuing service: Portland Water, BESPortland, Pacific Power, PGE, NW Natural, Comcast, T-Mobile, Century Link. Additional Oregon utilities are listed here. Additional telecommunications utilities are listed here.

The IRS has extended the deadline for both filing and paying 2019 taxes to July 15, as has the state of Oregon. Penalties and interest will not accrue until July 16. The Portland Art Tax's deadline is also pushed to July 15. Some credit card companies, mortgage providers, and other lenders are offering programs to allow folks to delay payments, but it’s on a company by company policy.

Certain federal student loans are eligible for forbearance. Interest will be waived on federally-held student loans.

In Oregon, landlords will not evict tenants for non-payment for the next 90 days. No homeless camps will be destroyed. No autos will be ticketed or towed.

In Oregon, law enforment agencies are allowed to use discretion in enforcing drivers licenses and vehicle registrations that expire during the current state of emergency.

In Oregon, certain state-level administrative rules are suspended. You can find a list here and a form for suggesting other administrative rules here.

Parents in Oregon who take time off due to school closures are protected by the Oregon Family Leave Act, under a temporary administrative order. Here's the full order.

Oregon's May election is still on. The deadline to register to vote is April 28. More details about the election are available at

The OLCC has relaxed restrictions on delivery and curbside pickup of cannabis, liquor, beer, wine, and cider


Food and supplies

Due to school closures, most schools are providing meals for students to pick up (except for days that were originally scheduled for spring break).

Folks facing lost income may be eligible to apply for SNAP benefits. The application is here. SNAP benefits may now be used for Amazon and Walmart’s delivery services, but does not cover delivery fees. 

Getting food through delivery services is safe, but remove all packaging when it enters your home and wash your hands between unpacking and eating. Tip your delivery person well.



Over the past few days, Oregon’s unemployment rate went up 3200% percent. Unemployment benefits are available both for people who have been permanently and temporarily laid off. Here’s a breakdown of which benefits are available in both categories. Here’s the application for unemployment benefits in Oregon (the site and phone line are both seeing heavy traffic — expect to spend some time waiting to get through). The state of Oregon has doubled the number of employees working on unemployment claims; the number of unemployment claims has more than quadrupled.

Losing health insurance? You can apply with Oregon Health Plan at any time of year

Oregon requires employers provide employees with at least one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked. 

HKM Employment Attorneys have created a resource center and hotline for folks with questions about employment during COVID-19

A local group, Connecting Dots PDX is working to connect freelancers who have lost work with new clients and projects. Freelancers who have seen their income drop may be able to access financial help through their communities. Here are lists of resources for freelancers.

Artist and freelancer resources


Symptoms and Care

Preparation (Where Possible)

Get Mad and Take Action

Resources for education, working from home, and entertainment

Additional sources of information